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Red Wine Varietals

Napa Gamay (aka Valdiguié and Gamay 15)

A black grape that produces simple, fruit-forward dark red wines with light to medium body and low tannins. The wines are easy-drinking with flavors that tend toward red berries, cherry and dark flowers.

Though frequently made in a similar style, this grape is not the same as the Gamay Noir so famous from it’s use in Beaujolais. Valdiguié, which actually comes from Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France, is considered to be of lesser quality and there was quite a fuss in California for a while as it was being marketed simply as Gamay or Gamay Beaujolais. Doing so is now against the law. Oddly enough, Gamay Beaujolais is also not the same as Gamay Noir and is actually a clone of Pinot Noir...