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Stainless Steel Wine Glasses for Gourmet Backpackers or the Totally Clumsy

Nothing says “back to nature” like sitting down next to a cool mountain stream under a cloudless blue sky and slaking your thirst with the clean, refreshing taste of Sauvignon Blanc. Yet, drinking it out of cupped hands or, even worse, a folding plastic cup ruins the whole experience. And there’s nothing worse than having a giant grizzly bear cry with laughter at the sight of you sipping Burgundy straight from the bottle. Believe me, I know!

Now, we can avoid all these disasters. GSI Outdoors is offering stainless steel wine glasses. Two models are available. For those of you who said “Oh!” to the Riedel “O,” there is a stemless model ($9.95). If you prefer the traditional look and feel of stemmed... stemware, GSI has one of those too ($12.95). The stem and base are even detachable to save space in your backpack for more wine.

These products are part of the “Gourmet Backpacker” line at GSI Outdoors which also includes ultra-light Halulite cutlery and a polypropylene French Press for your morning Joe. The only problem now is finding a good wine pairing for campfire smores.


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This article is original to Copyright 2010 NorCal Wine. All rights reserved. Stainless steel wineglass photo from GSI Outdoors.