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Pinot Daze!

Pinot Days 2009 is in the bag. So are a lot of Pinot enthusiasts at this moment. The extravaganza for Pinot Noir was beautifully organized by Steve and Lisa Rigisich and their friendly cadre of helpers. It was extremely civilized, especially relative to many other large, pack-a-bunch-of-wineries-in-a-hall events. But, it was also a lot of wine. Wow!

Mysteries of the Bottle

Wines are a bit like people. Amazing in their variety. Fascinating, charming and sometimes vexing. Pick any wine or any person. They will be ever so slightly different today than they would have been either the next or the previous day. The “mood” of a wine will vary with its surroundings. What’s the temperature? And the humidity? Has it been roughly handled or gently coddled?

As with people, wines need a proper upbringing and the characteristics of a wine are substantially determined before it is even born. From what grapes was it blended? Where were they from and how were they treated? And once the wine is made it needs to be properly stored. But you can’t always tell how rough a life has been by just looking a person, or a bottle, in the face.