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Wine Gadgets

Cool Wine Stopper!

Did you ever find a partially-consumed bottle of wine in the fridge but not remember when you put it there? If so, this is your wine gadget. Mad designer George Lee of le mouton noir & co. has created it so that you can hide your forgetfulness with high-tech coolness. It features gnarly gnurled dials that let you tune in the date of stoppering.


My thinking is that if you can’t remember how long it’s been there, the wine is probably best put in a vinegar barrel rather than your glass. That said, this one great looking wine stopper. [via gizmodo]

Black sheep George Lee has designed some other tableware that exhibit elegance with a dollop of twisted practicality. My favorite is this tea cup that keeps the tea bag in place.



A bit more fanciful is this jigsaw puzzle salt and pepper set with “storage spaces.”



I also love his spinning postcards. If you like the one below, check out his website to see more.


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