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Now Astronauts have an Excuse to Drink Red Wine on the Job


A study by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology indicates that consumption of resveratrol can slow the effects that lack of exercise has on the human body. Resveratrol is found in red wine. While in space, astronauts' bodies tend to suffer because the zero-g environment doesn't provide any physical resistance. So, people have put two and two together. Voila! Astronoauts need to drink red wine. This will be a huge boon for the wine industry. Because there's at least, what, 20 or so astronauts in space per year. Think of all those sales!

Serously though, this is good news for temporary couch-potatoes. Resveratrol won't help the permanently lazy, but if you're just laid up for a short time due to some minor injury or a Game of Thrones Season 1 marathon, red wine!

On a side note, the lab rats in this experiment had it great, albeit for a short period of time before their inevitable dissection. They got to go into space AND drink red wine. Now the lab rats union is going to want that for ALL the dues-paying rats.