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Calling Everyone Called Raymond

I don't normally push winery promos. And, actually, I'm not pushing this one. But I do think it's fun. And it gives me an excuse to use the video clip above, for which I'm totally sure you'll thank me.

Anyway, Raymond Vineyards has an "I am Raymond" club. To qualify for membership, you simply need to have Raymond as either your first or last name. Ray is okay too. The club is free to join and it comes with a few amusing benefits:
  • Complimentary tastings for life at Raymond Vineyards in beautiful Napa Valley
  • "I am Raymond" pin, magnetic bumper stickers and other unique merchandise
  • A 375ml of the award-winning Raymond Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for only $1 (plus shipping)
  • An invitation to the exclusive Raymond-only annual BBQ at Raymond Vineyards
  • A picture (if desired) in the "Raymond" vineyard at the winery
  • A picture (if desired) on the "I am Raymond" website

To enter, fill in the online form, or call 1-866-963-6944. You can also join via the winery's Facebook page.

Raymond Vineyards is located in Napa Valley just south of downtown of St. Helena.