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Wine of the Day

Petit Verdot

One of the official red wine grapes of Bordeaux, it is typically used in very small amounts in blends with wines focused on either Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. It’s use has been on the decline in Bourdeaux as the grape tends to ripen quite late, which can be dangerous given that climate. However, it has been picking up steam in the New World. It does very well in the areas in which Bordeaux-style blends are made in California. And, the grape can even achieve enough ripeness to make a fetching single-varietal wine from time to time.

In blends, it adds structure, color, alcohol, body and non-fruity complexity on the nose and palate with pencil shavings, tar, herbal and leather being typical descriptions. When fully ripe, it can provide black fruit and violet too.